Hilo Walmart and Target

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Best Hilo shopping

These stores are all together, just above the Hilo Airport.  When you exit the Hilo airport you go left, up hill, about 1/3 of a mile and make a left on Makaala Street.  You will see the Ross sign on your left before the turn.  Enter on your first left for the Walmart parking lot.  This is a large, mainland type Walmart with most of your food needs also.  This is also a great place to get Hawaiian clothing.  Yes – don’t tell your friends back home where you got your clothes from, but this is a great place for Hawaiian style clothing.  The Hilo Walmart also does an excellent job of  carrying Hawaiian tourist/gift sh0p type items located near the cash registers.  You will want to enjoy Hawaiian coffee during your trip.  A large selection of coffees are in the food section.  Other household items also have a Hawaiian Island theme.  If you always wanted a Hawaiian style shower curtain, you can find it here.  But – you won’t find fresh food here.

For fresh food you will want to visit Safeway, also on Makaala Street just behind Walmart.  You simply exit to Makaala Street and make a left.  You will notice Home Depot on the other side of the street.  You enter in the Safeway/Target parking lot.  This store was built in 2012 and it a modern, large and beautiful grocery store.  The prices a higher than you are used to, but not horribly so.  That is why you go to Walmart first and only get your fresh food here.  Don’t get your fruit and vegetables here!  Why?  That is what the farmer’s market is for!  If you are only here for a couple day, you may not have time to stop at the Hilo Farmer’s Market.  If you are here for 3 or more days, it is worth a stop.

Lastly is the Hilo Target.  I often never bother going here.  It is a little nicer and newer than Walmart, but with higher prices than Walmart.  You also won’t find the well priced Hawaiian clothes here or much in the way of Hawaiian tourist/local items.