Big Island Candy

Published in Hilo Activities

Address: 585 Hinano Street, Hilo


The desire to visit a tourist oriented candy store will depend on your desire to visit a cute, over priced candy store/factory.  Its best attribute is that it is right in Hilo, so close to where you will be anyway.  I’m sure the candy is great.  The Tripadvisor reviews are glowing.  There may be a tour bus in front for those visitors dumb enough to take a tour bus to a candy store.  If time permits, it is a cute 15 minute stop just minutes from other stops.  Of course, if you are a candy lover, this would be the place to indulge.

One can go first for beer tasting at Hilo Brewing Company, and then swing past here for a balanced diet of carbs and sugar.

It is open 7 days a week, which make it one of the few places open Sunday.


Big Island Candy inside Big Island Candy5 Big Island Candy Building