Bee Farm Tour by Jennifer Bach

Published in Hilo Activities

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North of Hilo just 20 minutes is the small and rural town of Hakalau. Here, on 13 acres are homeowners and their animals. This is beautiful countryside with many views of the ocean. For Jennifer, her passion is her bees.

This experience/tour is hands-on. You will put on a bee protective suite and join beekeepers to open hives, taste honey and enjoy honey and farm products overlooking ocean and Mauna Kea. After viewing bee hives, sit at our picnic table overlooking the ocean to enjoy honey from all over the island, taste Jun or mead (honey wine) and enjoy a platter of local delicacies from our neighborhood farms such as local chocolate bars made with our honey, local goat cheese and seasonal fruit. Our tours are completely safe, even for children that visit our bees during school field trips. This is a private experience with only your group.

I have personally done this activity and highly recommend it. You not only learn so much about bees, but get to experience how locals live in this rural part of Hawaii.

Handle bee hives. Make friends with the bees.

Location just North of Hilo