Pineapples Restaurant Downtown Hilo

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Address: 333 Keawe Street, Hilo HI 96720. (808) 238-5324


One of probably 6 “nicer” restaurants in Hilo.  For me, it isn’t so much the food, which is fine but not great, it is the fun atmosphere and location.  It is located just up a block from the Farmer’s Market on the north side of downtown.  If you are touring downtown, the Farmer’s Market is on either side of Mamo Street.  Simply continue up Mamo Street for a block and a half and you will run into Pineapples.

What makes Pineapples different is the open restaurant format.  As shown in the pictures, it is a restaurant without walls.  It allows you to feel and enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown while dining.  It is a hard pleasure to describe.  When I am walking around during my short times in town, I don’t want to go inside.  This clever arrangement allows you to feel the beautiful weather, see the sun and the people while ordering a nice dish.  It could be raining outside or simply another beautiful evening and sitting at your table is time well spent.

There is nightly entertainment in the form of a one man band.  Generally a guitar and a microphone.  Very nice local talent and worth a tip.

It is the combination of the food, the outdoor atmosphere and the entertainment that make Pineapples one of my favorite restaurants.