Hilo Bay Cafe – Downtown Hilo

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Address:  123 Lihiwai Street, Hilo HI 96720

Website:  www.hilobaycafe.com.  Closed Sundays

As shown in the picture, below, the restaurant is nothing to look at.  Pretty much a rectangular building up on stilts.  The inside isn’t much better as the tables are in a few rows straight down the building.  The first picture, below, is the main reason I go.  The food is the second reason.  If you go, go early and get outside seating.  It is in the rear of the building.  It provides a great view of Hilo bay and downtown.  If you can’t get outside seating, I wouldn’t bother going here.  It is the only restaurant I know which has views as nice as these.  As you can see from my other posts, the weather and the views are just too nice to sit inside.  I love a place where you can enjoy being outside with a view.

The food is great.  We have yet to order anything that wasn’t excellent.  The service is nice and friendly.  As you can see from the menu, it isn’t cheap.  You can also go just for drinks and appetizers.


Hilo Bay Cafe in Downtown Hilo

View from the outside seating in the rear of the restaurant

Hilo Bay Cafe Restaurant. Front view

Front view of the Hilo Bay Cafe in Downtown Hilo on Hilo Bay