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Kapoho (Champagne) Tide Pools

Address: Waiopae Road, Pahoa, Island of Hawaii, HI

The Kapoho Tide Pools sound great.  But it is way down on my list to bother seeing.  The problem is that it is not set up for the public.  It is surrounded by private homes and narrow roads, making parking very difficult.  Be prepared to be frustrated.  You will need water booties. which is true anywhere you want to snorkel on this side of the Island.  As the name implies, these are just tide pools.  Snorkeling in the ocean is much more enjoyable.  This is better for smaller kids, who might fear snorkeling in the ocean.  Why drive this far, find parking walk far with no bathroom facilities just to go to tide pools. You won’t see larger fish or turtles.  If you want to snorkel, see my Richardson Beach Park activity.  It is right in Hilo, with plenty of parking and bathrooms and showers with better fish and turtles

The Kapoho Tide Pools are located about 20 minutes away from Kalapana, in the Puna District of Hawaii.